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Training for professionals, risk management and security.
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The employer has to take any reasonable step and legal procedure prescribed by law in order to protect the health and security of the employees in a workplace. The applicable statutory provisions and the Health, Safety and Environmental regulation consider training, information and instruction one of the most important steps that the employer has to adopt in order to protect the health of the employees. The aim of training and course is to keep the employees updated on the methods and techniques to be used in order to avoid accidents. In fact, courses and training need to be provided by the employer so that the working staff may reduce the level of risk and promote safety and security along colleagues.

Through a competent risk management policy, the employees learn how to recognise a risk and therefore how to prevent and control dangers in the course of employment. Through a adequate training, the employees learn how to handle and maintain dangerous machinery and power tools and they gather the information necessary to optimizing time and profit.

The law prescribes also which professional position have to play the role of trainers or instructor and which course needs to be provided. Among the company’s directors, the medical staff and the public authorities have to monitor and control that the employees receive the competent information to carry on any sort of activities related to the position held.

The domestic law and the European discipline in the matter of security at work concerns also with the immigrant workers. Considering the huge volume of migrations of the last years, it has been determined that linguistic limits may be a cause of accidents at work very often. For this reason, most of courses and training have been simplified and clarifies and sometimes provided in the mother tongue of the migrant worker. Moreover, most of the companies have to use signs and boards and have to check the level of understanding of English of a job applicant.

New Vision offers a service in order to provide training and certificates to the professional staff employed by our clients and carry on any professional activity in a safe and healthy way. In addition, New Vision provides all the information on the signage required by law in the industry where our client is operating so that the employer could avoid penalty fees or criminal prosecutions.

Consultancy service in terms of security and risk management at work.

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