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How to claim to the Employment Tribunal.
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If a dispute cannot be sorted in an amicable way or in the event when the contractual parties cannot find a solution before a conciliator, the parties have the right of a fair trial before a tribunal that exercises the exclusive jurisdiction on the matter. In the English legal system, such jurisdiction is held by the Employment Tribunal that makes an ultimate decision on the case in 36 months from the initial submission of the claim.

Therefore the Employment Tribunal has the jurisdiction on any dispute arisen in the course of employment between the employer and the employee, starting from the matter of the unfair dismissal to the disputes related to outstanding payments.

New Vision proposes to its clients to start a legal action before the Employment Tribunal easily so that the costs of the trail can be initially reduced. Our company guarantees that the client is assisted during the entire course of the trail, including during the phase in which the evidence is gathered.

Moreover, the service includes the legal representation during all the hearings before the tribunal so that our client might keep focused on his professional business and optimise the profit of his company.

In addition, New Vision offers a number of services that can be used in order to avoid a legal action:

  • negotiation of an amicable solution with the debtor
  • consultancy to determine the sum of the credit and payment manners
  • claim to a public conciliator or arbitrator


Are you an employee?

Very often employer and employee can disagree on the number of hours to work, the type of task involved in a shift, payment of the salary or entitlement of the holidays. Some of those disagreements can be sorted with a simple conversation. But if the parties are not able to find an amicable solution, it is necessary to hear a third party that could represent you and your rights in order to resolve the problem.

When those disagreements cannot be resolved between employer and employee, it is necessary to start a formal claim to the Employment Tribunal so that a judge can make an ultimate and enforceable decision.

New Vision proposes a service that includes:

  • Determination of the problems of the contractual relationship
  • Determination of the credit
  • Claim to the Employment Tribunal
  • Representation before the judge

Do not hesitate to contact New Vision to have a free consultation, to know the details of our services on the matter of the employment disputes and in order to know our fees.

All the information you need to make any claim and be represented at the Employment Tribunal.

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