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Find the documentation necessary to manage your employees.
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Our clients need to be provided with the mandatory documents required in order to manage their employees and determine the related rights and obligations. The legal system stipulates that the employer has the duty to provide the employee with a statement containing the employee’s obligations and rights governing the employee conduct within 2 months from the beginning of the contractual relationship.

The services of New Vision include drafting of a customised handbook in order to comply with the domestic legislation on the employment matter.

The employee’s handbook shall become the book that prescribes the employee’s conduct by determining the disciplinary structure of the contractual relationship between employer and employee and related rights and obligations.

Among other things, the employee’s handbook shall contain terms that prescribe:

  • delays and absences management and policy
  • policy on relationships between colleagues
  • policy on equal opportunities
  • disciplinary procedure and related penalties

The elements listed above are generated according to the personal necessity of the clients and for their needs that are evaluated on the basis of the information received.

In addition, our company offers a number of models and templates that might be selected by the client.


Are you an employee?

The domestic law prescribes that you should have certain documentation before starting being an employee. Moreover, in some industries, a number of certificates, qualifications or specializations are required in order to exercise a dangerous job or tasks including contact with children or patients.

If you are an employee and you need to know which document you need to work in your industry, please do not hesitate to contact us to have the information you look for. New Vision shall inform you of all the documents necessary and required to exercise your job, the course that you might attend and which certificates shall allow you to get the job of your dreams.

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Documentation that contains provisions governing the employees’ conduct, disciplinary procedure and human resource management.

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