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How and when to sign a contract.
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A negotiation is a dialogue between contractual parties made by a legal professional. During a negotiation all the contractual terms and conditions are identified and qualified, in addition, the parties determine, among other things, related costs, contractual obligations, timing, penalties and fees. Therefore it is necessary that, during this process, the parties are supported by a legal assistant that knows the legal system up to date in order to foresee the contractual implications.

New Vision, on the basis of the professional targets developed during 20 years of experience, has an excellent knowledge of the negotiation techniques, the market and the legal background. Our company guarantees that we will match your expectations in terms of a result in the negotiation. Moreover, New Vision offers a service of legal consultancy on the clauses that may be inserted in a contract in order to protect the interest of the client. The process of formation of the contract is basic to avoid negative surprises during the contractual performance or at the moment of the resolution itself.

The support of New Vision in the negotiation of your contract will bring to your company a huge benefit in terms of knowledge of the legal discipline, the relative costs and the statutory provisions governing the matter. The professional help of New Vision will confer on you the power to understand the needs of the other contractual parties and predict his negotiation techniques. New Vision guarantees a fair, just a reasonable contract in order to develop your business and take under control any risks.

Contract consultation and negotiation service for the development of small and medium enterprises.

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