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How to manage a small or medium enterprise.
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Start a New Business

A lot of people that hope to start their own business are sometimes afraid of the initial costs or of the complicated information that may be found from the different sources.

New Vision works in a clear and accurate way and provides our clients with any service necessary to establish and lead your own business in England. The services that our company offers are:

  • Open a Private Limited Company
  • Set a net of local businesses
  • Open an account at HMRC
  • Provide a virtual office

The clients that have the intention to establish in England for the first time can choose one of the following options:

  • Establish a Private Limited Company
  • Operate as Self-Employed

Services for an existing business

Start and manage a small company might be extremely complicated and expensive especially during the first months of the business before the company could be taken up to speed.

New Vision of the obstacles that a new business can find so that it proposes a number of services that may reduce the initial costs and speed up in order to achieve a competitive profit.

The services that our company offers are:

  • Human Resource department outsourcing
  • Employment Law consultancy
  • Contract Management
  • Contract Negotiation service
  • Health and Safety

How to lead your small successful business by reducing the costs and optimising timing and profits.