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Why and When you need a contract manager.
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Contract Management is a term that refers to all the techniques and procedures necessary to understand, interpret and perform a contract according to the interest of a company. If the purpose of a business is to increase the volume of contracts, limit its liability or preserve the brand and position in the market, then a strategy to manage the contracts would be very useful in order to determine the goals of the business and the methods to achieve them.

Identify the risks and minimise the effects, find opportunities and try to take advantage of them, share responsibilities with the suppliers are brilliant examples of possible goals. The role of the contract manager is to identify and achieve these goals by using and developing contracts on the basis of 2 fundamental steps:

  • Contract Analysis
  • Awareness of the client and the market


New Vision through its services of Contract Management, gives to small and medium enterprises the possibility to approach difficult period by inserting in the staff a professional in outsourcing that shall help the client to reassess the contractual relationship of the company and to establish a new strong base.

This role is played by a Contract Manager that shall be your time manager that can be hired for a limited time or a limited number of businesses in order to achieve the new goals determined with the client. The Contract Manager shall solve the problem of your business by addressing it to a new profitable future.

The services that New Vision offers as Contract Manager are:

  • Contract Analysis
  • Early Conciliation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Contract Drafting



Management consultancy to understand, analyse, draft and perform a contract.