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How and why is important to record your trademark.
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The brand is the “signature” used to distinguish your services and goods from those ones of your competitors. It represents one of the most important elements of the image that a business provides and guarantees reliability and high quality. Your brand is, therefore, a precious right to protect and safeguard.

Under the applicable legislation any image, drawing and signal can constitute the brand of a business: any word (including names and surnames), painting, letters, numbers, a shape of a good and the package where it is contained, combinations and shade of colours.

The registration of a trademark allows protecting a brand from its competitors. Any registration of a trademark prevents another company operating in the same industry from using a brand already registered to have an unlawful profit. A company that operates without trademark may risk part of its investment since the competitors could take advantage of its position in the market by using similar brands or slogans.

In addition, the rights related to the registration of a trademark allow the title older to get some compensation of unlawful profits that a competitor might have done by an illegal use of the brand.

The protection of the intellectual rights related to a trademark can be achieved easily. However, a simple copyright does not protect the economic interest that there are beyond a brand. For this reason, New Vision highly recommends registering your Trademark at the related patent registration offices.

The trademark registration service is offered at an excellent price considering the market costs. The services that New Vision offers in relation to the trademark registration are:

  • Registration of your brand
  • Licence for the use of the brand
  • Contract for the exclusive use of the brand
  • Merchandising and Franchising

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Service of registration of a trademark that can become the permanent brand of your business.

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