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How to start to work as self-employed.
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The advantages of being self-employed

A large number of workers operates as self-employed so that their employers do not need to hold from the payslip income taxes and the employment relationship does not need to be formalised via a contract. The law allows a worker that does not have a contract and is paid cash in hand to legalise his contractual position and start paying taxes by opening his own tax number.

Right now in England around 15% of workers employed in small or medium enterprises are working as self-employed and manage taxes independently. A self-employed belongs to a national scheme that is particularly favourable for people that can choose to be independent of an employer and allows anyone to pay fewer taxes than a normal employee.

Services included in the Self Employment package

The services that New Vision offers to whoever wants to start working independently with an employer are:

  • Submission of Unique Tax Record Number
  • Public liability for self-employed
  • Submission of annual tax return
  • Opening of personal account at HMRC

Employment Consultancy Service 24h

Small and medium enterprises might find some difficulties related to employment law that need an instant solution. Such difficulties may concern with outstanding payment of salaries, rights related to a contractual position of suppliers or co-operators or practical and logistic conditions of the workplace. For this reason, our company proposes a phone consultancy service for employment issues available 24 hours a day for enterprises that require our services.

The documentation necessary to start working as self-employed in England and pay fewer taxes.

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