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How to write a contract to limit your liability.
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To have a written agreement is definitely one of the most important steps that a company should take before starting a contractual relationship with another business. Most people underestimate or do not keep into consideration the importance of this point. The drafting process of a contract is basically the process of writing a contract that may contain terms and conditions that can create a practical advantage for the client. Through a diligent drafting of contractual clauses and an excellent knowledge of the legislation governing the matter is possible to limit the liability in case of breach.

Before signing a contract it is necessary to analyse in detail any clause and relevant aspect relying upon a skilled legal professional.

New Vision is a highly reliable company on this matter. New Vision proposes 20 years of professional experience that can help our clients to identify the possible practical problem in a business and to limit the side effects with contractual terms and conditions.

With our contract drafting services, New Vision proposes to:

  • Limit the client’s liability in case of breach of contract or damage of the good or service delivered.
  • Guarantee a core of contractual clauses that the client won’t withdraw during the negotiation phase.
  • Limit the cost and certify a profit through a negotiation that reflects the market costs.

Thanks to its experience, New Vision is aware of the modern orientation of the markets and of the relative costs so that we can negotiate prices that do not fall behind the expectation of the client. In this area, the first consultation with a related explanation of the governing contractual legislation is offered for free.

Consultancy and drafting contract services.

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