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Dispute resolution service.
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Very often during the performance of the contract, a dispute between the parties rises. Those disputes must be resolved quickly in order to avoid obstacles to the normal development of the business. The contractual dispute might rise as result of an argument related to a conflict of interest, to an interpretation of a contractual clause or a statutory provision or related to a personal contrast that cannot be resolved on the basis of the legal discipline. In other cases, one of the contractual party might refuse to comply with the contractual obligations by not paying the sum agreed or not delivering the goods or service as stipulated by the contract.

Any legal system contains a provision governing the jurisdiction of Courts and Tribunals in order to resolve a litigation between two or more individuals. When the dispute cannot be resolved through a negotiation or an arbitration, then the case needs to be brought before a court so that it can be resolved quickly.

The decision of the judge shall be final, permanent and enforceable. Final and permanent means that the parties cannot challenge the decision of the judge unless the law allows them to appeal to a superior judge. Enforceable means that, in the event one of the party refuses to perform the content of the decision of the judge, the Court might decide to enforce the judgement against the consent of the party by using the power of the bailiff or the Police.

New Vision helps our clients by following the procedure to resolve a contractual dispute before a Court or a Tribunal. During this procedure, New Vision offers to submit a formal claim to the Court, to represent our client before the Judge and alternatively to negotiate an amicable solution with the other contractual party. This process allows our client to find a solution to the dispute even against the consent of the other party in the event he shall refuse to perform the contractual obligations.

Are you experiencing a problem with another business, a tradesman, your employer, a family member or any other person in your country or abroad? New Vision shall deal with the dispute without claiming to a Court by offering a number of services.

How to manage a contractual dispute before a Court.

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