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How to open a company in the UK and its advantages.
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What is a Limited Company?

A Private Limited Company is one of the most efficient, simple and effective legal entity that can be used to carry on a profitable activity and to develop your business in England. This legal structure can be also used to move your existing business from an EU Member State to England. The advantages of having a Private Limited in England are:

  • Low costs of establishment
  • Low company capital required
  • Convenient tax system
  • Limited liability to the company capital

To invest small or medium-sized capital in the UK this kind of company constitutes the best means to start a commercial activity by reducing the initial investment and protecting the capital of the investor. New Vision opens a Limited Company in England to a competitive price that includes taxes and legal expenditure. In addition, we can even offer a temporary virtual office in the case the client cannot even guarantee it or he is not in the UK yet.

Along the services mentioned above, our company offers a permanent support during the lifetime of a company in England and we can provide service for change of legal residence, change of company asset, appointment of new directors, issuance of capital or reduction of capital, mergers and dismissal. New Vision provides a complete support to a company from the establishment to the stike off.

Services included in the Private Limited Company package.

The services that New Vision offers to whoever wants to invest in England through a Private Company are:

  • Opening of a Private Limited Company
  • Issuance of related shares
  • Public liability contract with one of the major company
  • Submission of Corporation Tax Code
  • Submission of Tax Return for small company
  • Opening of personal account at HMRC
  • Opening business bank account


Our company is able to open a company in the UK with a low budget and in very short time.

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