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How to make a claim to ACAS.
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Before starting a formal claim at the employment tribunal, the law requires a mandatory arbitration before the ACAS, the public body for arbitration and conciliation, in order to resolve the problem amicably and avoid a trial.

If the conciliation has a positive outcome, the claim to the Employment Tribunal is not necessary at all and the decision agreed during the conciliation it is binding for the parties. In the event the parties do not find an agreement or one of the party is unreachable, then the ACAS issue a document that allows one of the party to start a legal action against the other on Court.

New Vision offers a support for all the enterprises that have a conflictual relationship with one or more employees. The service that our company offers is complete and allows to resolve an employment dispute in a short time. In certain cases, an early conciliation of the dispute may be the best solution for the employer since the company could avoid costs of a formal trial. In addition, a trial might become particularly expensive for an employer in case of unfair dismissal or similar allegations and it can affect the business of the company.

Therefore a good legal representative before a conciliator is highly recommended.

Are you an Employee?

Very often a disagreement between employer and employees can arise on the number of hours to work, the number or the types of task appointed and the payment of salary. Part of those disagreements can be sorted with a simple conversation. But when the parties cannot find a reasonable solution it is necessary to find the help of a third party that may represent your interest to resolve the issue quickly.

New Vision offers an alternative dispute resolution for employment disputes with your employer. If you have some problem that you cannot manage yourself or outstanding payment of hours worked or holidays, New Vision shall be happy to represent you to defend your interest.

In the case your employer does not agree with an amicable solution of the issue or does not respond, then New Vision proposes a service to represent our clients before a public conciliator or arbitrator for employment disputes.

Write to New Vision to have a first free legal advice and to know which service we put at your disposal for your employment disputes.

How to resolve an employment dispute.

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