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How to draft and manage an employment agreement between employer and employee.
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An employment agreement is a contract with which the employer binds himself to pay the employee in exchange for a working performance that might be manual or intellectual. In the modern legal system, an employment agreement may become a contract particularly difficult to comprehend or interpret.

For this reason, it is important to get a legal support in order to draft the contract so that anyone could better understand its legal obligations and implications.

That is why New Vision offers a service of employment law to enterprises that need to implement their volume of business in the UK. In addition, we propose service of contract analysis and interpretation that may be of fundamental importance for employers. Moreover, New Vision proposes a service to resolve easily and quickly the disputes between employer and employees.

When an employee is hired, a document containing the general information of the employment, names of the parties, tasks included in the job and the other relevant details to define the contractual relationship. Such document needs to be signed by both parties.

The employment agreement is, therefore, a document that reports in details:

  • Date of beginning of the employment
  • Duration of the contractual relationship
  • Role and tasks held
  • Personal details of the parties
  • Salary
  • Number of hours worked weekly

The matter is governed by the Employment Right Act 1996 and the related regulations. In addition, the European discipline has been recently integrated into the domestic law system in order to equalise the English law with the rest of the European members.

Are you an employee?

Sometimes an employment contract may contain clauses that can be understood with difficulty by an employee and it can generate unfortunate consequences. If you are an employee and you are about to sign a contract for a new job, it is highly recommended to hear the advice of a professional on the matter. New Vision offers a service for any employee in order to understand terms and conditions of an employment agreement and negotiate contractual terms. If you which are the contractual clauses that you should avoid and that should be removed from your contract, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quotation.

How to get an employment agreement simple and easy to manage. How to understand any terms and conditions to solve a dispute quickly and easily.

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