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Internal Health and Safety Policy and Risk Management policy.
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In any business, the first person responsible for monitoring safety and security at work is the employer and the employer is directly liable to cover any damage occurred to employees in the course of employment. Therefore the employer has to comply with any legal prescription in terms of safety and security at work in order to reduce the degree of negligence in case of damage, the employer has the obligation to avoid and prevent any risk and danger at work. The employer is the first person that has to safeguard the physical and psychiatric integrity of the employees.

The employer and any manager operating on behalf of the employer that supervise the activities of the employees must keep the staff informed on the specific risks, the applicable regulation and related discipline on the matter of safety and security. Moreover, the employer has the duty to provide the staff with a course regarding the use and maintenance of machinery and tools in the workplace.

Among the other things, the employer has to keep the staff informed of any danger or risk in the premises and all the steps taken to prevent the risk of fire or accidents.

In order to determine and identify all the risks and dangers listed above, the employer owns the duty to draft a document containing all the information necessary to prevent, avoid and reduce the risk of an accident. Any employee needs to be provided with this document. This procedure is necessary in order to reduce or limit liability for negligent act or omission of the employer.

New Vision offers a service that includes the assessment of the workplace and the risks related and the drafting of the internal Safety Policy and the Risk Management Policy. Moreover, New Vision provides a compliance service outsourcing in order to comply with the regulation governing the industry where the client operates.

Drafting and evaluation service for your risk management policy.

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