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Certificates and authorizations
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New Vision offers a consultancy service regarding prevention of accident in the workplace and a risk management service necessary to increase the degree of health and safety at work. In most of the companies, this role is held by a project manager or a site manager, the person that is appointed to prevent accident and reduce risks. The person that holds this role links the employer with the employees and its tasks are prescribed by the English law and relative European regulations.

The project manager or site manager is appointed by the employer and he can be a professional hired full time by the company or an external professional provided by another company. The manager actively participates in drafting an internal safety policy of the company and to gather the suggestions of the staff working on site to improve practical conditions of the work and to benefit the company’s productivity. In addition, the manager gives his contribute in order to create an internal programme of formation and instruction of the employees. The main aim of the internal or external site manager is the adoption of a Risk Management Policy, drafted according to the information provided by the employer, a competent medical staff and a personal representative of the employees. Such document contains a description of the risks, related solutions, in order to guarantee a high standard of safety and security.

To become site manager or project manager is generally speaking required a high education and a good professional experience. In addition, in certain industries, a number qualifications are mandatory to hold this role constantly. Moreover, this role requires good administrative skills, excellent communication skills with to be able to perform and manage stressful situations.

New Vision provides our clients with the courses and authorizations necessary to play this role lawfully, we inform you of the certificates required by law to practice any activity related to the industry where you operate. New Vision, moreover, provides a special support to companies operating or that are establishing a business in the catering industry, by instructing on the applicable legislation on hygiene and health.

Consultancy service regarding certificates and authorizations.

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