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Health and Safety in Construction
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The construction industry and construction sites are still some of the riskiest workplaces in the market nowadays. Most of the accidents are caused by the use of diggers or earth moving machines and power tools. This equipment may cause injuries if they are not used in the proper way by untrained people. It may sound bizarre, but even the vibrations generated by a certain type of works could cause injuries and damages to properties. A high quantity of accidents is also caused by fires in the workplace.

The employer is liable for any damage occurred to one of the employees in the course of the employment unless the employer could prove that he has taken any reasonable step to prevent the accident and he has complied with any relevant regulation on the matter. For this reason, it is very important to be aware of the Health, Safety and Enviroment regulation in construction.

The current strenght point of the discipline regarding the security at work in construction is the Health, Safety and Enviroment Regulation. The discipline is complex and New Vision provides the companies that operate in this industry with a complete support.

A good knowledge of this regulation is very basic and the application of the rules contained in it is important in order to prevent accident and avoid penalty fees.

New Vision provides a professional consultancy in terms of security in workplace in construction by offering a service of information starting from the mandatory personal protective equipment to the courses that the site manager or any single employee need to attend. In addition New Vision provides all the information related to courses and qualifications, public certificates required by law to exercise an occupation in construction.

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