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Investing in England for small and medium enterprices
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Investing in England

Investing in England for small and medium enterprices

A huge number of European investors are interested in establishing a business that could operate in the catering or food service industry. Numerous businessmen,  on the other hand, try to transfer their companies already established in some other European country in the UK. Considering the financial advantages, the liberalisation of the markets and the recent improvements of the overall economic conditions, England is one of the most recommended country where to invest or develop an enterprise. The intent of New Vision is to guide young and successful enterprenuers in the complicated world of the company and commercial English law, and we want to provide a complete support to small and medium enterprises that approach for the first time this field. New Vision proposes, beyond commercial services, the employment consultancy necessary to hire and to enter into a contract with future employees. With our services to open a company in England becomes an economic and straightforward process considering the low initial fees.

In order to optimise our relationships with our clients, our company proposes fixed packages with monthly fees that may include commercial support, employment consultancy, contract management and dispute resolutions.

To invest in England and to help international enterprenuers to establish their business in the UK, with New Vision we propose a complete support to companies