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How to manage the Human Resources.
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The human resource department plays an important internal role in a company. The HR, in fact, deals with the selection and the hiring of the employees and the management of the staff. In addition, the HR concerns with the arrangement of training and courses to improve the professional performances of the staff.

Numerous small and medium enterprises cannot afford to hire an internal human resource executive. For this reason, New Vision has decided to offer this service outsourcing to improve the performances of our clients and protect their investments.

The exclusive services included in the HR are:

  • Handbook drafting service containing rules governing the conduct of the employees
  • Management and monitoring of absence and holidays
  • Review and optimisation of the professional performances
  • Management of the procedures regulating the disciplinary conduct of the employees
  • Online management of bonus and commission

The service above can be acquired entirely by the client or selected according to the practical needs of the business.

Moreover, New Vision allows customising the HR services through the inspection of the structures employed for the development of the business. By assessing the structure of the company, New Vision puts at your disposal a specialised service that helps to optimise the performance of the client and improve the production timing.

Human Resource outsourcing service for small and medium enterprises.

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